Spectacular 4x4 Selfdrive Expeditions and Safaris with Guide Escort

Embark on an Adventure in a small 4x4 self-drive convoy escorted by a guide vehicle 
Discover all the hidden gems accompanied by an experienced local Guide 
A fully equipped 4x4 (rental) car to drive yourself  


What makes our 4x4 Self-drive Expeditions and Safaris so special?  


In all our Guided Tours you will dispose of your own vehicle that you can drive yourself. The term 'self-drive' is also used by other operators to indicate tours in which you will travel on your own, ie without any support from other participants following the same route or without any form of on-tour assistance by the organization. Not so in our 4x4 self-drive expeditions which are accompanied be a local guide that precedes in a guide vehicle ...               

In all our 4x4 Self-drive Expeditions and Safaris you will be part of a small convoy with like-minded people. Your local guide will take you to places you would otherwise never find and take care of the general on-tour guidance. Many of our 4x4 Expeditions are also followed by a sweaper car with a mechanic on board ...       

Most 4x4 Expeditions and Safaris with Guides are organized in collaboration with our Australian Tour Partner. The working language is therefore mostly English. The languages ​​in which your local contact can assist you can be found in the tour description .     


How to participate? Our 'Join-In' Tours are booked well ahead in order to secure fleet reservations and the number of entries in limited. Go to the overall Platform to view all Tours or to make a selection. You can also consult our Join-In Calendar for an overview of the departure dates    

Or use this direct link to all our 4x4 Expeditions      

As our local partners help us to keep this website up-to-date, it is possible that certain parts of the text have not yet been translated. We hope to be able to count on your understanding for this ... 

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