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'Into the Wild' African Selfdrive Adventures with 24/7 Stand-By Assistance


Worldwide Selfdrive Adventures in small groups with Guide


Adventure Raid Challenges with on-tour Assistance


American Road Trips


Unique 'Mixed' (on&off-road) Tours in Europe with 24/7 Stand-By(+) Assistance

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You will be driving a cabriolet along the way, but from time to time we step into a vehicle more suitable for the 'terrain of the day' ... Open Tag-along with rental cars - With roadbook and pre-programmed gps/gpx


Asian Tuk-Tuk Adventures with on-tour Assistance


the gOldentimers 'Join- In' Adventures  


In all our Tours and Expeditions you will enjoy the freedom of disposing over your own vehicle. Depending on the type of tour this can be your private car or one our local 'arrive & drive' alternatives. While you drive your 4x4 your fellow passenger(s) can assist with the navigation ...         

We can offer you different tour options. For example, you can opt for an open 'Tag- Along' Tour with local support (i.e. '24/7 Stand-By' or an 'On-Tour Service'), or you can join one of our Self-Drive Expeditions with Guide. In most tours we go for well-equipped 4x4 vehicles so that we can explore the off-road with peace of mind. We will book you a place to sleep with sufficient comfort to spend the night. In our planning we will try to avoid large hotel chains that add nothing to the experience. With the exception of the Try-Out Editions we first drove all routes ourselves, so no unpleasant surprises ...                     

The atmosphere in all our 'Join-In' Road Trips and Self-Drives is relaxed and based on camaraderie. Participation is restricted to adults only. Our ultimate goal is to get you connected with the region and all the wonderful things it has to offer. You don't need specific (driving) skills to participate. We go for authenticity and a touch of adventure in a natural environment, not for speed or other extremes. So don't worry, our professional organisation will keep it safe and comfortable ...                 

Also in case you prefer some friendly competition under challenging circumstances we have the perfect tour in store for you: the Maroc Challenge.This (amateur) desert raid / rally will take your team through the Atlas mountains and the vast Sahara desert ...           

Our European Slow Tours with own vehicle are a new (and as far as we know unique) experience. The emphasis here lies on the pleasure of driving most of the day on varied (off) roads through different landscapes and authentic villages, spotting some hidden gems along the way. We will explain to you the different navigation techniques and you will get acquainted with our 'Join-In' concept. A Slow Tour is ideal as a short break. In the evenings most people come togeher to enjoy good company ...       

For Private Groups it is possible to adjust the dates and route schedules of our Road trips and Self-Drives Tours, or even to develop customized Tour Events.  


about gOldentimers


Started off as a typical classic car organization in search of the most beautiful roads on the planet, we also became increasingly fascinated by the overwhelming beauty of the off-road. Hence gOldentimers is now offering a unique selection of 'On & Off' Road Trips and Selfdrive Tours through alternating sceneries on both paved and unpaved roads

Regularity Rallies, American Road Trips, Search Tours, 4x4 Self-Drive Safaris, passing Mountain Chains and participating in Adventure Challenges and Desert Raids, we did it all over the past fifteen years and gained a lot of knowledge. But even more important is the international network of professional partners that we developed to assist you locally ...   

Although CCRA / TRUE licensed, gOldentimers is not a typical tour operator nor travel agent. We do not book flights or the like. Should you require assistance  with your flights, your visa applications, your travel insurance, or other formalities that you need to take care of before your departure, we recommend that you consult our Flights & Visa section   

All our local Partners are independent operators with years of experience. They were recruited based on their excellence in terms of regional know-how, service and customer dedication. All were visited by us and have signed the gOldentimers Quality Control Provisions regarding operational processes, information system and communication procedures. Together we stand for the highest professional standard in the business.  


How to participate? Our 'Join-In' Tours are booked well ahead in order to secure fleet reservations and the number of entries in limited. Go to the overall Platform to view all Tours or to make a selection. You can also consult our Join-In Calendar for an overview of the departure dates    


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